How to support your team, in times of a pandemic and beyond

Our world is experiencing an extraordinary health emergency. Our well-being enables us to live our lives, each in our unique way. COVID-19 is literally taking this away from us. For each person on Earth these are challenging times, where we try to cope to the best of our abilities. In the last couple of weeks […]

Why is STEM Education So Important?

2min read What is STEM? STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics participates in all the aspects of our lives. STEM aims for encouraging students to create and have real interests in the field of life. This system does not only about teaching subjects but also developing personalities. They turn complicated materials such as math […]

Outsourcing can give you a crucial edge – here is how

2min read Outsourcing of specialized functions to external companies comes in many shapes and sizes. It is leveraged by many types of companies and organizations from small businesses to huge multinational organizations. Companies of all sizes can benefit from hiring a flexible and agile workforce to take on some of their projects.  In this post, […]

How to adopt a continuous, proactive approach to quality.

3min read Last month, Pinnaql attended a public meeting to explore and better understand how stakeholders perceive and value the quality of pharmaceutical products. The public meeting was facilitated between the Center of Health Policy at Duke University in partnership with the FDA. The FDA leadership and staff provided comments on the Agency’s current thinking […]