Dedicated to delivering compliant and future proof solutions to the
life science industry

Pinnaql is an international company, specialised in driving project outcomes on a granular level.

Building robust and long-term relationships

It is our commitment to provide our customers with the 

most effective and highest value solutions within the life 

science industry; using technology and science to drive us. 

We believe that different perspectives and backgrounds are 

what make a company flourish. 

Our Solutions

Pinnaql’s foundation services and value realisation within the life science industry.

Advisory Consultancy

We operate in a complex and highly regulated environment,
where we deliver independent advice and practical support to our clients. Providing them expert project management support.

Managed Project Services

We offer a full project management model. Where we create our dedicated project team, which delivers tailor made end-to-end solutions.

Values-Driven Organisation

Our company values reflect our commitment and focus on partnership development and knowledge sharing.

People First

Always with Integrity

Driven by Purpose

Experience Matters

Accuracy is Paramount

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