Data and technology alone will not create a data-driven organisation. Research indicates that the biggest obstacles to creating data-based businesses are not technical; they are cultural. Cultivating a data-driven culture does not happen overnight. That is why it is important to cultivate a data-driven mindset within your organisation. Creating an organisation culture where the quality mindset can flourish, supported by technology advancements. 

Embedding data into the identity of the organisation is accompanied by influencing mindsets, attitudes and habits. In a data-driven culture, people ask the hard questions and challenge ideas. They come together with a shared mission, to improve the organisation and themselves based on data. The key lies in treating data as an asset, not as a byproduct. 

Fostering a data-centric culture that leans on data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, typically is made up of five pillars

5 pillars data-centric culture

Starting your journey toward a data-driven culture by considering the following questions

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Actively reflecting on these critical questions will pave the path towards creating a data culture. We hope the following ideas can inspire you in building a data-culture: 

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Developing a data-driven culture at your organisation takes time and effort. Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and maintenance is equally important to verify that analytics performance supports business needs through change and maturation.  

Remember, it is not a ‘one-and-done’ process but a ‘continuous’ one.

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